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Soul Caretaker

Helping Transition to Spirit Realm 

I walked into a passageway lined with ornate copper panels. There were multiple aisles also in copper, leading from the passage. The aisles were banks of shelving filled with some kind of books or archives. I did not see them clearly as I was focusing on the corridor through which I was walking. I asked why everything was lined with copper and was advised that it was pleasing to the eye and also protection. I can’t recall the explanation of the type of protection.

At the end of the passage was a door with curtained glass panels and as I reached out to open the door, I was directed to turn to the right, down another passage.  I turned from there into a room that was gloomy and furnished in the style of a much earlier era. Perhaps Edwardian or Victorian. It appeared to be a living room and beyond this was another room which upon entering I saw a bed occupied by an emaciated small woman. I had the impression that she had been ill and bed ridden for a long time and had little life left. There seemed to be a person either a nurse or a relative nearby just waiting for the end.

I looked for guidance and I saw myself transformed into a spiritual being. I reached out to the woman, put my arms under her frail body and lifted her soul into my arms. I gently took her soul with me to the spirit world where I laid her at my feet alongside other very frail, newly arrived beings.

I began the healing process, bringing in the energy from the greater ones and infusing it into my new charge. I could feel the greatness of this beautiful energy as it passed through my being into the soul resting before me.

I stayed at my station until my lady began to respond and a greater one indicated to me that she was well enough to be taken to the next stage.

Others took her and I went on my way but can’t recall what that involved.

My understanding was that some humans need specially trained beings to take them to the spirit world because they are in a very fragile state and need specialized care in the transition between worlds and the healing process that follows on arrival. It is felt it’s better for family members to greet them after the specialized care has helped them to recover their energy.


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Making choices

Try to do what you think is right. Not everyone will agree on what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes it is just subjective and at other times it is experience which sets our beliefs. It is not so important. What is important is that you think about it and make the effort to do what you believe is right. Listen to many, but make your own decisions. We need differences in the world to make the balance. We can’t have everything moving in the same direction at once. We need ebbs and flows and eventually, hopefully, the tide will slowly move higher and higher.

Balance is the secret of the world and we must each find the balance that is right for where we are at this time.

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Those that help you are gaining credits for themselves. Do not feel guilty in accepting.

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Our Human Experience

My guides have shown me that our pure essence is one of unconditional love and only our human substance can house the negative aspects of ourselves. Therefore the more we nourish and grow our spiritual side, the less negativity will live within us.

We should however honour both the positive and negative aspects of ourselves as while we are here, we are both human and spirit and we carry all the traits that this encompasses. Our genes gave us certain traits, as has our environment and past experiences. The idea is that we try to become the best we can with what we have been given. The closer we are to our spiritual side, the easier it is for us to take difficulties in our stride and maintain our inner peace. Guilt is a waste of your energy and will only bring you down. Take the positive approach that you’re glad you are able to see your action was not the best and you will make an effort to act differently next time.

Spirit loves us and will help whenever asked. Sometimes we don’t recognize the help because what we think we need is not in our long term best interest or is not part of the greater plan we agreed before arriving here and will interfere in the experience we need.
This is why life can be so much more if we have found inner peace and are able to accept what life presents, work through it and look at the great things we have rather than dwell on the negatives.

 To achieve these results, we need to divert our resources into developing technology to turn deserts into farms, for the richer to support the poorer to set them up with facilities to change their poor land into fertile farms. We need our clever people to use our resources and technology to improve logistics and show us best practices for providing what we can close to the point of consumption.

On our own doorstep, we have the option to support those who are trying to make this a better, greener world. We must be willing to support a system whereby the best outcomes for society and the planet are more important than profits. We can say no to buying pretend food and teach our children to eat healthily and moderately. We can teach them compassion and practice it ourselves.

 At the end of the day, happiness will not be achieved by being the most affluent. You have a right to expect your needs to be met and you don’t want to be stressed by debt, but your happiness will come with the enrichment of your soul, not your bank account. Support those practices which will help all the planet so everyone can enjoy a decent life and our beautiful Earth may be restored to its bountiful beauty.

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Hello world!

I have been receiving messages from spirit for a number of years. To date I have been delivering verbal inspirational messages in spiritual churches but I have more involved information given to me which needs to be passed on in a different manner.

Spirit speaks of issues regarding the environment, discrimination, self help, development of the spirit and information to help us understand how the universe functions. Most of all they speak of the great love they have for each and every one of us.

The messages are from spirit and not based on any particular belief system other than love and respect for all. I apologise if inadvertently my own thoughts have crept in. I have tried to keep it pure but perfection is not a human condition. It is acknowledged there are many differing beliefs on the same topic and often these different truths may all be correct but just seen from differing aspects. As human beings we do not have the capacity to see the complexity existing in the totality.

I hope the contents of these posts will be of value to those who are seeking understanding.

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