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Learning as Spirit

What we need to speak of is the great love that permeates everything here in the spirit realm. There is no hatred: there is no jealousy or greed. There is only the desire to be more complete, to have more understanding and to enjoy the benefits of knowledge which results in feelings of joy and peace. There is contentment but that does not diminish the desire to learn. You are content with what you know but you are so happy to take on new understanding and to be offered opportunities to teach others and bring them up to a higher level. We all want to help each other raise our vibrations so we may all move forward into that greater sphere as more complete beings.

Sometimes we too are baffled by things. We may go off to learn because we wish to have a better understanding and the answers aren’t readily available. We need to go to specialists who are more knowledgeable about the subject and who are good teachers. We may choose to go to learning in the Great halls as you often call them where we learn general topics. But sometimes we have special interests or we have become aware of something that is of particular interest to us so we need to seek out someone that knows that subject well and has access to realms that can best show us the meaning and how it all sits. At times it only needs a short visit; other times we can spend quite considerable time learning this particular topic. It depends how in depth the subject is and how much there is to learn before understanding.

Some people prefer to put into practice what they have already learned before moving onto the next level. Others choose to teach their new understanding or to give their time to show others how it works. You can be a greeter where you talk to those newly landed. You can show them the world where they have arrived and its great beauty. After reviewing their life, newly returned spirits are very enthusiastic to try and correct or take advantage of the understanding they now have. You need people who can direct these spirits to places that will help them achieve what they require.

People may need help with reconnecting with the way we do things here.  They might want to find a particular friend who they have not yet seen. Though some people work in this field, others prefer to help humans in the Earthly life and like to stay near where they may easily watch over those they have left behind or those they have chosen to guide.

Spirit will do many different projects once they are no longer in human form. As spirit beings, we have a great desire to learn and will continually change our vocation and choice of learning matter in our quest to become wiser and more complete beings.


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Spiritual awareness is a phrase often used but do we mean? The most basic understanding would be acceptance of spiritual existence, but it usually indicates a far greater depth of knowledge and understanding. We are normally looking at people that have a degree of learning of the nature of the Universe.

There is such varying degree in awareness. To be aware we would say you would at least have the understanding that humans are primarily a spirit entity which continues to exist after physical death. There would have to be some understanding of the relationship of the Universe. We are referring to people with this basic understanding but who are delving deeper into the meaning of the Earthly world, of the Universe and why we play this role of living out human lives.

To be truly spiritually aware, you need to have accepted the concept, you came here to experience and learn so the spiritual being within grows and develops. This would incorporate cause and effect.

There are so many different beliefs as to why we experience hardships, why we experience losses and why we find ourselves in trouble. The concept of why these things happen should change in a person’s lifetime as they become more versed in the working of the Universe. As you progress, your understanding as to why things happened, both fortunate and unfortunate will be different to those you previously held.

There are so many small things that happen in your life that have a profound effect on yourself and those around you. Although you may think little of an incident in actual fact it may have been be very important. The way you react to other people when their behaviour has an impact on you is one of the great measures of just how far you have progressed in your development.

The lessons to which you are exposed are in reality quite different from the idea that most humans accept. What you learn is concepts. As an example, your lesson isn’t necessarily to learn to turn the other cheek. The lesson is more probably how loving both yourself and others, despite the human condition with all its faults, is so rewarding for yourself and the Universe, it far outweighs any material or ego gain that could result from taking retaliatory action. You may not be able to see for yourself in your limited human form, the great benefits from your action of love but it exists and has its roots in the concept of cause and effect, a major learning of an aware being.

Intolerance and bigotry are something we would expect from one who has not learned very much from their time on Earth. This is not to say we condemn those that have these traits. What we say is they have not yet learned a great deal from their Earthy experiences.

We do not have these things in the spirit plane as there is no need as we have much clearer vision of different people and their personalities. We of course do not have people from different races as you would say. We do not have people of different appearances. Everyone up here is energy and they can make their appearance what ever they wish. The difference we have here between individuals is their level of evolvement but this doesn’t cause resentment as we recognize that we will all be in that place at some time.

We have different personalities here and this is an aspect more likely to cause aggravation than anything else but is doesn’t because we do not see it that way. Personalities do remain but it is different because we are all gentle people in spirit. We do not have the Earthy aggression. We do not have the need to fight for our place. We may do whatever we wish; it is always our own choice. There is no hunger or fear. We do not have one person pushing us around so there is no need for personalities to clash. As we don’t have obstacles and problems, we enjoy a variation in personalities so the differences can cause stimulation and a focus point for us to work.

We have the added knowledge that you don’t take with you to Earth. Unfettered spirits have a far deeper understanding and see much more clearly the true nature of a situation and this is why there are no clashes of personalities here, that we do not envy another.

It is more the situation that one spirit will be ponderous, one spirit might be highly excitable, one may always be seeking to know the answers to everything. Some spirits may be better with working with people, whereas others may be great scholars. We work together in groups according to our tastes and desires but we also have our family groups which may be quite different in composition to those we whom we do our learning. A family group needs to be assembled of differing people. That is, the more experienced and evolved spirits need a balance with new, younger spirits.

We need those that stimulate, we need those that will quietly ponder, we need the inquisitive minds and we need those that just want to nurture and care for everyone. This is how a family is composed. There becomes a great bond within family groups and it is to these groups that we keep returning. We may go away for extended periods for learning and we may be gone for some time, but when we complete what we are doing, we return to the family groups where others are always delighted to see us back and interested in what we have been doing.

We take great joy in helping the younger spirits along. There is great pleasure from answering their questions and playing games that will encourage them to think and learn.

There comes a time when we will leave a family group to go to a higher level, as we have developed as much as we are able within this group. That doesn’t mean we won’t keep in touch. We will form a new family group at the higher level and we will become the youngest spirit in that group and will have great respect for those who are more advanced and look forward eagerly to learning from them.

It is similar to how our family group in spirit like to keep in touch and love to watch our progress when we live on Earth. They send us their love and help because they are keen for us to succeed in what we have come back to this environment to achieve. They delighted when we return home to them and will love to talk about what we have done while we were on the Earth sphere. They will tease us about our silly little mistakes but it will always be in good humour and will spend much more time applauding us for what we have learned.

It takes some time to settle back into the spirit life once we have returned. Initially, there is a type of debriefing but once we are back and fully aware of where we are again, there is a heartfelt welcome back into the family group. A great fuss is made when we return like a mother greeting a child who has been away in other parts of the world.

When we come back and settle in, we need to choose what we want to do. There are counsellors here whose job is to discuss all the options available to you and they give you advice on what each module would involve and the likely benefits to your development. Usually it is possible to do your learning and still stay close to your family group but sometimes you need to go elsewhere to do the learning. Much like when you come to Earth for a human life. Sometimes you can be there for a very long time and other times it is a relatively short period.

When you have done all the learning that interests you at a particular level, you may be approached about the possibility of moving to another family group that containing more advanced souls. It’s your choice entirely as to whether you wish to move on. Some have great attachments to some one in their family group and don’t wish to be parted. That is quite acceptable and is not frowned upon.

If you don’t feel the need to stay attached to anyone in your group, you are assigned a new family at a higher level. When you arrive to be with your new group, you always feel in awe of those who are the more advanced souls in that group. It takes awhile to find your place in the family and although you are always welcomed with great love and acceptance, you have to find your niche.

It is a very interesting time as you have much to find out about your new family members and again your intelligence is challenged by the vastness of their experience.

The idea of having set levels that you go up through comes from humans. It is just used to make understanding easier. You decide with your counsellor the amount of advancement you wish to make. He will make a suggestion, but if you are more comfortable with a lesser degree, it is your choice. Sometimes a spirit will request to go higher than requested. This is most unusual but does happen and is up to the counsellor to contact a new family and find out if they would be willing to accept such a move. A good reason to go much higher than the next stage would be required, but sometimes it is a good thing.

We’re talking of levels. The higher the vibrations the greater the development so if you could imagine the shades of a colour equating to the vibrations of evolvement. They go from the very darkest to the very lightest. There can be infinitesimal shades from one end of the spectrum to the other and that is how it is with so called levels. Each family group could be a slightly different shade of colour or vibration to the next one. Each time a soul returns to a family group and has learned lessons that they were sent to do, then that raises the vibrations of the whole group, so if you compare it to a shade of colour then that group would become a slightly lighter shade.

Some members may raise their vibrations of their knowledge, while they are in the spirit plane. As you know learning goes on in the spirit plane as well as other realms. They could every time they return, increase their group’s vibration a tiny shade by the knowledge they have learned that particular time. If you looked at say a middle level, in a group of a hundred families in that middle level, you would see the different shades of brightness of each of those groups and this can change constantly as new knowledge and learning is brought into each group.

Some times the difference in their vibration is very hard to tell because it is so minute. Other times it can be easily felt. Although we might say they are in a mid range, there is no beginning or end to the mid range. It is a continual lifting of vibration from the lowest to the highest.

Mediums often see the difference in brightness when someone comes through to work with them and that doesn’t include all of the levels as higher vibrations are not able to come down to human levels so the ones coming through are not representative of all the possible levels of vibrations. So you can see that it is quite a variation but in degrees, not levels.

It is important not to become too focused on the names or labels used in teaching as it only a tool to facilitate learning while you are using Earthly bodies. Spirit speaks the language of telepathy and sends ideas and thoughts, not actual words. A medium may receive messages in many different formats and interprets as best as they are able. Some concepts may be very profound and difficult to find the words to clearly explain what has been given.

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A few years after my Dad died he came through to me with these words. Please be aware that each person’s experiences may differ as we project our own reality and comforts.

When you land, it is so very, very soft like falling into a cloud. You feel cosseted and soft like a little baby and you just allow yourself to be tucked up into the cocoon of softness. You feel so protected and you don’t want to do anything for yourself. You just want to be cared for as it is such a relief after the hardness of the earthly life. You know there are loved ones surrounding you but you just accept it knowing they will still be there after you have rested. You go into this aware but don’t care state, while you recover from the ordeal you have been through.

Eventually, when you start to feel energised, you see images of your life. It is like being wrapped in this soft cocoon while holograms are shown in front of you. It is not shown from the beginning to the end but rather excerpts are shown to you. It is just brief incidents to begin with and then later you start to want to look deeper into the incidents and you begin to see it all in greater depth. You start to see why you reacted as you did and how it affected other people. They concentrate on showing you incidents with your loved ones at first and as you begin to understand more about yourself and your life, you are shown smaller incidents and encounters with those you hardly remember. With your new heightened awareness, you can see much in the interactions you thought so little about at the time. You can see your progress in the different way you react when confronted by situations. I have been told sometimes it is the other way and people go backwards in their evolvement.

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