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A past life regression

I grew up in a village in the Himalayas. I had a comfortable home for a villager and we had a flimsy pole fencing around our back yard which was void of vegetation.

When I was an adolescent, a man from the Palace came to our house and spoke to my mother. To me, he was splendidly dressed and seemed to be of great importance. My mother gave my hand to this man and he took me to the palace. I didn’t understand where I was going but didn’t question it as this was the way when children were growing up.

I was taken to a part of the Palace where many other women of all ages were being trained. I lived and learned with the other women for several years.

We were taught many dialects and languages along with the customs of the various peoples throughout the land as our job would be to mingle with the locals of where ever we were sent, to gather intelligence, to deliver and receive messages for the Palace.

We were dressed as poor villagers so as not to be noticed. We wore a type of turban and clothes that were drab, but we were highly trained. Sometimes we worked alone but at others we were sent out as a group. Usually if we went as a group, we travelled over rough terrain, climbing mountain faces sometimes at great heights.

The reason for travelling this way was for secrecy and speed. Possible enemies of the Palace would be using the roads and their passing would be noticed. Only the odd peasant would see women climbing through the mountains. By travelling light and taking risky short cuts we were able to overtake soldiers or other groups of interest and be in a village mingling with the locals when they arrived. We could then offer them menial services as an excuse to be in their camp and pick up intelligence.

The regression ended before I knew if I died of these injuries.


The particular significance of this life on my present incarnation is the injuries sustained from a fall off the cliff face. I landed on my back with my left leg twisted up behind me.



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Spanish Woman

A Past Life Regression

I grew up as privileged daughter on a horse stud in Spain. The family was well off but not extremely wealthy. As a Spanish female, I was very restricted in my freedom but was allowed to spend most of my time riding and training the horses.

Living on a horse stud, the social circle was quite limited and I would chaff at the lack of freedom, especially as I had brothers whose wild ways were indulged. I was constantly angry with my situation and took it out on others, being quite sharp with the staff and not having close friends. I could see myself walking around with my riding crop, constantly slapping it in my hand, looking for trouble.

In my late teens, my father advised me I was to be married to an older wealthy English gentleman. I had no say in the matter and I was not happy but consoled myself with the thought of being my own mistress. I moved to England and always did my duty, being a good hostess and efficient mistress of the house. As soon as I had done what was needed, I isolated myself, only being social as required.

As my husband was considerably older, he died a long time before myself and I inherited his wealth. Now being independent, I decided not to observe the niceties of society and cut off all social contact. I lived a fairly reclusive life within my home but it wasn’t long before I discovered the pleasure of writing books. I wrote for many years under a male Non de Plume.

I lived to a good age for the period and my death occurred when travelling at night in a coach drawn by beautiful black horses. We were on a lonely road and travelling at a good pace when we collided head on with another coach. I didn’t see the actual cause of my death but saw my soul rising from the coach.

The significance of recalling this life is that as this experience unfolded, I recognized feeling some of the same emotions in this life. We carry forward unresolved issues into new lives to have the opportunity of working through them.

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