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The Life Contract

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have it all with little effort and yet others struggle through life going from one crisis to another?

I have a grandson who we call the Teflon kid. Nothing bad ever sticks to him. He lost his wallet on the train. It was full of his savings as he was off to buy something special. The family didn’t worry about it when they received the news as we all knew it would be returned and of course within hours he had it back.

I’m sure we could all relate to the opposite in our own family or friend circle. A life of many disasters followed by a catastrophe.

Why is this? It all comes down to the desire for advancement of our soul. The process of how we achieve this starts back in the Spiritual Realm when we first return after a life on a physical plane.

Once we realise where we are, we start the process of reviewing our recent life and what we did or didn’t achieve. This is a long process as there is much to deliberate upon. We see things in far more depth than we were able to whilst incarnated and we compare that with the goals we had chosen to work upon.

After the review, we start to study and do exercises to strengthen our abilities to be successful the next time we challenge ourselves with those lessons. When we feel we are ready, we will be invited to discuss with our guides the possibility of re-incarnating and trying to advance our soul by using our practiced skills.

We will be asked to choose prime, secondary and ancillary tasks. The prime tasks may take several lives to achieve. It would be rare for one to learn in one Earthly life. Sometimes the basis of the lesson is learned but the experience needs to be broadened to cover further or deeper aspects and subsequent lives in different situations are planned so the experience may be a whole one and not a narrow line of experience. It could take ten lives in different situations to truly understand one of the main concepts chosen.

The ancillary tasks are thrown in for when you stray off the path. Rather than waste the experience, you have these extra tasks you nominated and can do them now instead of another life.

Situations may arise which will need to be reconciled or finalised in a different life and for this you will need to cross paths with the same soul. Thus the reason why you keep meeting up with those you feel you know for some reason. The more lives you spend together, the more issues may arise that need to be sorted next time. You can become very familiar.

It is not expected you will complete all the tasks you nominate as many are chosen to ensure all situations will produce an opportunity to work on something you need.

There always seem to be a difference of opinion of how set our pathway will be. Some feel there is little leeway, others feel just certain junctions will be met and others that the conditions are set and the rest is up to us.

Well, some and all of it could be true. It depends entirely on the contract. Each soul chooses their own life’s plan with strong guidance from the older, wiser beings. They will give sage advice but the final decision will be made by the soul planning to re-incarnate.

Each soul has its own personality and desires. Some like to play it safe. Others are wilder and don’t want too controlled an environment. There are those that are coming here with a specific purpose so they want to make sure their pathway is regulated and they will hit the spots they need. We have those that want to achieve great strides either because they are ambitious or they feel stuck and want to get over the hump. They know that overloading themselves with conditions greatly increases the chance of failure, but they choose to take that risk. It is always the soul’s own choice.

Souls are not intended to all end up being the same. Different personalities and learning are vital to keep the balance. It’s like cooking a good meal. Many different ingredients are required to make the whole. Some souls will push, others pull or lift or just provide the refreshments.

All personalities and learning are needed to successfully create a whole, from the new souls to the most advanced beings.

So when the hard knocks come, just remember this was my contract. This is what I chose because it was the best for my experience and call on the Universe to help you through.  You won’t regret it when the time comes for the big review.


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I was on a Spiritual journey. I had lost myself many years ago and now it was time to find out who I was and to investigate this new found world I had recently discovered. One where there were powerful benevolent forces that watched over me and interceded when I needed help.

I was in Scotland, staying with a new friend for a short while. I had declined her offer to go out and was quietly trying to read but my eyes wouldn’t focus and my head was fuzzy. I put the book down, laid back and closed my eyes.

Suddenly, in front of me was Sai Baba. He said “come to my country”. I hadn’t heard of Sai Baba until recently and thought he was an Indian guru charlatan. Some claimed he was a re-incarnation of Jesus and many testified they had seen him manifest gold Rolex watches and other valuable items.

Now this was just not in my world of acceptance. But what was he doing here in front of me? He spoke a few more words about the benefit for me if I went to India and then he left.

Well I had come to the UK for Spiritual development and was making my way home, perhaps I should look at travelling to India. I knew a friend of mine would love to go as her grandfather had been a Jesuit brother there and she always wanted to find where he had lived and worked. I had heard Sai Baba had an Ashram in India and we could start from there.

It took a while to organise as neither of us were travellers’ and we would be going on a shoestring budget. We liked to tell everyone we were going to back pack but the amount of belongings we took would have disqualified us for that title. Two middle aged ladies with a couple of suitcases each.

Although I had been to India before on an escorted trip, this time we had to navigate through some scary situations but we seem to find people to help us whenever we were in a bother.

We arrived in Balgalore, India, then after a hair raising 3 ½ hour taxi ride and with the help of a Danish lady who was also travelling to the Ashram, we finally arrived at our destination. We were allocated an unfurnished open space in a “shed” for a charge of 30 cents a night. A tour of the ablution block did nothing to revive our spirits. There was one western toilet where a dog with festering sores had made a home.

Eventually, we sorted ourselves out as there were plenty of others who had arrived before us and they advised us what to do.

We began to assimilate into the routine of the Ashram, getting up at 4 am to help in the kitchen. Sitting for hours in the pavilion hoping Sai Baba would select us for an interview. My friend starting to feel unwell and we were advised to see the homeopathic Doctor that had a clinic just out of the town.

Well, that opened a whole new aspect. One that was invigorating and fun. We had massages, scrubs and ayurvedic medicine. Horror of horrors we had to endure this every day. The Doctor also told us to stop being so serious about learning and enjoy ourselves. Only do what we wanted.

After two weeks we were well accustomed to the everyday life in the Ashram and the village outside, but we still hadn’t had a Sai Baba interview although I had received bits and pieces of information mentally while meditating. We were tired of it all and didn’t feel their teachings and way of life were for us. Too much about service and male superiority. We made plans to move on our next destination.

Because we rose at 4 am, we slept in the afternoon heat. One day I woke up with my friend looking at me. She said “who were you talking to?” Now my friend is a little off this planet, but I’d been asleep so what was she talking about. She explained that I’d been talking in my sleep but she couldn’t catch was I was saying. Well I had no idea!

A couple of days later, while in the pavilion waiting for Sai Baba, I drifted off and recalled that I had been talking to Sai Baba when my friend had heard me that afternoon. I saw him talking to me but couldn’t recall the conversation. Later I sat under the meditation tree to ask if Sai Baba was really a holy man and what had been the meaning of his talk with me.

I was shown Sai Baba as being an intermediary between Earth and the Spirit realm. I was also given the feeling that I made an agreement to take on specified difficulties in my life and I was shown many doors opening for me as a result of my agreement.

This was just the first stage of an adventure around India that was the greatest learning experience of my life. What of have spoken of tonight was just the beginning of an adjustment that opened my eyes and my heart.

I learnt to see different cultures and religions were absolutely beautiful just as they are. They are designed for the people for whom they suited. Some of them are so old in origin that their beliefs could seem unacceptable to westerners.

Hinduism is the oldest religion still in existence. Buddhism has many, many superstitions but its basic teachings are quite similar to Spiritualism. Christians in India are known for harassing the public with their beliefs and enticing children to joining them with bribes of food.

But I witnessed people go out of their way to allow others of different religions to practice their traditions and beliefs. We were the recipients of some Indian men spitting in disgust at the way two unaccompanied women roamed in places that were traditionally the province of men. But we also experienced other men who made others stand aside so the two western women could be given preferential treatment in a respectable orderly manner as they had no men protecting them.

What I learnt is that race or religion doesn’t matter. It’s the soul that makes the difference. We may be critical of aspects of a religion, culture or even an individual but it is the basic heart of these things that matter, not the window dressing.

If I was born in India, I would probably have become a Hindu but that wouldn’t have stopped me from worshiping God. I would just have called him by another name. It wouldn’t have stopped my parents from nurturing and protecting me and teaching me what they believed was right.

Open your heart to the soul of a person. Not to what life has taught them to be. It is natural to gravitate to people who have similar outlooks on life but that doesn’t mean others aren’t just as beautiful or worthy. It just means God has created a world peopled with differences so one may balance the other to create a complete world.

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Why Do We Age?

When we are young, we believe we will never look old. We can’t envisage our youthful beauty disappearing, the spring in our step dwindling and our desire for constant stimulus diminishing. We refer to our elders in derogatory terms: the wrinklies, old man or lady or much worse. They might still love the oldies but they don’t want to ever be like them. And that’s without them understanding the emotional and physical pain that many endure.

Why do we age? Why do our bodies blossom and then begin the process of deterioration? What is the purpose?

It is to experience life in its many different aspects.

When you have youthful good looks, health and abundant energy, you see the world from that aspect only. You have physical abundance to help you start on a precarious journey. The world is seen through the eyes of youthful good health; you have the physical attraction and strength for mating and child bearing.

To experience Earth life from different perspectives, you need to walk along different paths. As we begin to lose the physical benefits of our body, we are compensated by the gaining of wisdom. We start to understand life from a complex position and not just from the “I want” viewpoint. We learn harsh realities and responsibility.

When our children leave home, we are in a position to pursue interests we found difficult when full time carers. This is the age we can pursue our spirituality more fully and re-assess our way of living. This is the time to make great changes if they are needed.

Old age brings with it another experience. One we don’t look forward to but we are here to learn and we need to see life in as many different frames as possible. When our bodies start to fail us and perhaps our minds are no longer sharp, we need to realise that we are not useless. The older person can be a great help as teachers, supporters and in sending out prayer. We have to learn how to find the balance in our lives in more difficult circumstances. Sometimes it’s poor health or slim finances but whatever our particular difficulty is in the later years, it makes us experience and learn new aspects.

For each of us, the experience of aging is different as in any other aspect of our life. It is up to us to find ways of making the best of what we have and utilising it to our advantage. Life will always be kinder to some than to others but many with less have far more success and happiness due to their attitude. Is there something you could do to make your life better? It’s worth more than a passing thought.

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We have the system of offering spirits the opportunity of an Earthly life to encourage all to experience different aspects of all possibilities. Some times several realisations can come through one incident and we do try and work it that maximum value is gained in each life as it is not something that most of us wish to keep undertaking.

Although those of you currently on Earth do not wish to leave that plane, when you’re here, few are in a hurry to go back. It’s thrilling to think you have the opportunity to learn and advance but it’s a little like sitting exams. You want to get them over and done with so you may move on, but no one looks forward to the experience. It’s only the ongoing desire to develop that keeps people going back to your sphere. Life this side is so much more beautiful and easy. We don’t have punishing consequences; we don’t experience fear or despair. It is especially daunting for those who have chosen a difficult life.

The existence as a poor third world being is certainly one that spirits dread. You must all endure a similar experience or you can’t go forward. It’s not one where you can go forward very much as there is little variation in these lives, but the hopelessness is a valuable experience and one that sorely tests your charitable concepts. The mind is dulled from malnutrition as is the body. Life is tedious as it is desperate. You don’t know any different and that is the only saving grace. Raising the world’s compassion is not their main focus. It’s the personal experience that is the main point in choosing this existence. It’s only in modern times that media has been available to present the world with its horrors.

The Earth used to be more abundant as humans had not stripped it bare in so many places, but there were always situations available where poverty was extreme. There was slavery, genocide, famines and outcasts. There have always been elements of man that will exploit and treat others badly and nature is not always abundant.

Our lives are chosen with our full knowledge and consent but how much we learn and grow is entirely up to the individual. There are always variations to the life plan once we start making our free will choices but we will be encouraged into situations that will give us opportunities to learn and grow in some aspect. Those that we miss will be provided to us again at another time.

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No longer can we pretend ignorance of the atrocities that are committed in places far from our home. No longer can we turn a blind eye on the poverty and desperation of others whilst we tell ourselves we don’t know how to help or it is their own fault.

We need to rid ourselves of our tribal tendencies which lead us to care only about those who live close to us, who look like us and we can identify as “could be me”. We are becoming one tribe, the human tribe. There is no longer an excuse for them and us. We marry those who come from far away places, we communicate with people who once spoke a language foreign to our ears. We buy their manufactured goods and we sell them our food and resources. We are merging into one people, making it difficult at times to pinpoint the origins of families.

We have always been one people. DNA proves this. But now we are merging in appearance and in culture. Don’t the English love their curries? And the Japanese the American culture? Many groups are losing their great traditions but the upside is the difficulty to hate a race when your favourite sister-in-law comes from that country and has told you of the things she loves about her family’s customs.

How can we not have compassion for those fleeing terror and poverty? What would you do if it was your family that was waiting for the door knock that would take your brother away to be tortured and killed? What if you had no food for your children and no way to obtain any. Not today, tomorrow or next week. If your wife or sister knew that any day she could be brutally raped and maimed.

For many, it is impossible to wait in queue for a visa. Such things do not exist in their environment or they do not meet the requirements that someone has set down. If it was you. If it was your family, would you not do what ever it took to save them? Would it really matter to you if your actions were not going to meet with someone elses rules or approval.

Open your heart to those who have so little, those who live in daily terror. Don’t condemn someone for trying to save themselves and their loved ones. Be grateful that it is not you is such a situation. God loves us all, no matter into which family or culture we were born. Do you think God is wrong?

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