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Forms of Healing

The work of healing comes in many forms. Sometimes we don’t see it as healing because it was not laying of hands or medicine, but it can be every bit as powerful as those options.

Happiness for instance can be a great healer. If you can lift the weight from someone’s shoulders and help them overcome anxiety, then you have healed. An illness doesn’t need to be a disease but rather it is the dysfunction of the body. A stressed body will produce unhealthy enzymes into the system, causing an overload of unwanted chemicals. It can cause insomnia which further stresses the body. By helping someone feel at ease, you are helping them relax and allowing the body to function normally.

When you teach people a better way to look at their life and how to handle problems, you are healing. This is a longer term benefit than traditional treatments.

You heal when you send out prayers for those in need. You heal when you give some one reassurance and confidence, when you accept them for what they are.

Healing is any action that helps bring a person to well being even if you are one of many involved in the process. Sometimes we never realize the help we have extended.


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