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A Greener World

Pleasure may be found in simple things. In watching creatures in their natural habitat or focusing on the beauty of the flora and the majestic sweep of the landscape. Immersing ourselves in the observation and appreciation of nature and watching the busyness of micro eco systems should lift our spirits and remind of us we are part of a much larger world. Does the ant care we have financial worries? He is far too engrossed with transporting that tasty titbit all the way back to the nest for all to share.

 As the dominant species, we should have a care for all those who rely on our goodwill for their survival. We have the ability to reason and make considered decisions. Our mental capabilities mean that we have been able to discover diverse ways to make our life more comfortable. Advancements in technology now need to be used to fix the problems created by our free and easy use of the Earth’s resources and our mania for creating whatever we desire without consideration of the effects of waste.

 Society has spent years developing methods to successfully clothe, feed and heal ourselves. We also discovered how to make exciting toys for our entertainment. As our education and communications improved, it became apparent just how much destruction our way of life was causing mother earth and her other inhabitants.

 We have coursed through the scientific age and now our knowledge needs to be used to stop further destruction and repair the damage already imbedded. As the knowledge gained by the space programmes has been filtered down into better products for the earth plane, so does our advancement in technology need to be used to find ways of living in harmony with what is left of our earthly resources and bringing back the damaged areas to a pristine and bountiful area.

 Our focus needs to be on reducing pollution and waste and cleverly disposing of what is used. We need to grow more nutritious food in less space. Rivers and oceans need to be cleared of plastic and other disposed items. Humans must stop taking over all the land for their own personal use. The Earth can’t survive with just humans and domestic animals. We need birds, bees, insects, wild animals and vegetation and they need land and clean waterways. The planet must be balanced.

 There is room for everyone if it’s managed carefully. Enough food could be produced to feed every person satisfactorily if there was sufficient cooperation throughout the world.


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