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Learning as Spirit

What we need to speak of is the great love that permeates everything here in the spirit realm. There is no hatred: there is no jealousy or greed. There is only the desire to be more complete, to have more understanding and to enjoy the benefits of knowledge which results in feelings of joy and peace. There is contentment but that does not diminish the desire to learn. You are content with what you know but you are so happy to take on new understanding and to be offered opportunities to teach others and bring them up to a higher level. We all want to help each other raise our vibrations so we may all move forward into that greater sphere as more complete beings.

Sometimes we too are baffled by things. We may go off to learn because we wish to have a better understanding and the answers aren’t readily available. We need to go to specialists who are more knowledgeable about the subject and who are good teachers. We may choose to go to learning in the Great halls as you often call them where we learn general topics. But sometimes we have special interests or we have become aware of something that is of particular interest to us so we need to seek out someone that knows that subject well and has access to realms that can best show us the meaning and how it all sits. At times it only needs a short visit; other times we can spend quite considerable time learning this particular topic. It depends how in depth the subject is and how much there is to learn before understanding.

Some people prefer to put into practice what they have already learned before moving onto the next level. Others choose to teach their new understanding or to give their time to show others how it works. You can be a greeter where you talk to those newly landed. You can show them the world where they have arrived and its great beauty. After reviewing their life, newly returned spirits are very enthusiastic to try and correct or take advantage of the understanding they now have. You need people who can direct these spirits to places that will help them achieve what they require.

People may need help with reconnecting with the way we do things here.  They might want to find a particular friend who they have not yet seen. Though some people work in this field, others prefer to help humans in the Earthly life and like to stay near where they may easily watch over those they have left behind or those they have chosen to guide.

Spirit will do many different projects once they are no longer in human form. As spirit beings, we have a great desire to learn and will continually change our vocation and choice of learning matter in our quest to become wiser and more complete beings.


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Making choices

Try to do what you think is right. Not everyone will agree on what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes it is just subjective and at other times it is experience which sets our beliefs. It is not so important. What is important is that you think about it and make the effort to do what you believe is right. Listen to many, but make your own decisions. We need differences in the world to make the balance. We can’t have everything moving in the same direction at once. We need ebbs and flows and eventually, hopefully, the tide will slowly move higher and higher.

Balance is the secret of the world and we must each find the balance that is right for where we are at this time.

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Why Do We Age?

When we are young, we believe we will never look old. We can’t envisage our youthful beauty disappearing, the spring in our step dwindling and our desire for constant stimulus diminishing. We refer to our elders in derogatory terms: the wrinklies, old man or lady or much worse. They might still love the oldies but they don’t want to ever be like them. And that’s without them understanding the emotional and physical pain that many endure.

Why do we age? Why do our bodies blossom and then begin the process of deterioration? What is the purpose?

It is to experience life in its many different aspects.

When you have youthful good looks, health and abundant energy, you see the world from that aspect only. You have physical abundance to help you start on a precarious journey. The world is seen through the eyes of youthful good health; you have the physical attraction and strength for mating and child bearing.

To experience Earth life from different perspectives, you need to walk along different paths. As we begin to lose the physical benefits of our body, we are compensated by the gaining of wisdom. We start to understand life from a complex position and not just from the “I want” viewpoint. We learn harsh realities and responsibility.

When our children leave home, we are in a position to pursue interests we found difficult when full time carers. This is the age we can pursue our spirituality more fully and re-assess our way of living. This is the time to make great changes if they are needed.

Old age brings with it another experience. One we don’t look forward to but we are here to learn and we need to see life in as many different frames as possible. When our bodies start to fail us and perhaps our minds are no longer sharp, we need to realise that we are not useless. The older person can be a great help as teachers, supporters and in sending out prayer. We have to learn how to find the balance in our lives in more difficult circumstances. Sometimes it’s poor health or slim finances but whatever our particular difficulty is in the later years, it makes us experience and learn new aspects.

For each of us, the experience of aging is different as in any other aspect of our life. It is up to us to find ways of making the best of what we have and utilising it to our advantage. Life will always be kinder to some than to others but many with less have far more success and happiness due to their attitude. Is there something you could do to make your life better? It’s worth more than a passing thought.

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Forms of Healing

The work of healing comes in many forms. Sometimes we don’t see it as healing because it was not laying of hands or medicine, but it can be every bit as powerful as those options.

Happiness for instance can be a great healer. If you can lift the weight from someone’s shoulders and help them overcome anxiety, then you have healed. An illness doesn’t need to be a disease but rather it is the dysfunction of the body. A stressed body will produce unhealthy enzymes into the system, causing an overload of unwanted chemicals. It can cause insomnia which further stresses the body. By helping someone feel at ease, you are helping them relax and allowing the body to function normally.

When you teach people a better way to look at their life and how to handle problems, you are healing. This is a longer term benefit than traditional treatments.

You heal when you send out prayers for those in need. You heal when you give some one reassurance and confidence, when you accept them for what they are.

Healing is any action that helps bring a person to well being even if you are one of many involved in the process. Sometimes we never realize the help we have extended.

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Those that help you are gaining credits for themselves. Do not feel guilty in accepting.

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This is the response from spirit to the question of what happens when you “disappear” or lose time during meditation.

When you sink deep down during meditation we take you to the inner recesses of your mind. We are the path ways to the knowledge stored. It is easier for us to give you access to the knowledge already learned than to teach you again.

You have had many lives, and of course much has been learnt during those periods as well as time spent in the free realm, that of spirit. We prefer to call it the free realm as we want to reinforce the point that spirit realm and Earth realm are peopled by the same: spirit beings. You just have many more restrictions when you don new bodies.

Although your attitudes and reactions are formed by what you have learnt before, the knowledge that makes you who you are remains hidden within your spirit form. As you become more familiar with your spiritual self, you will become aware of some of these memories. What we are doing is helping speed up this process. Although you may not remember actual events, you should start recalling the understanding that came to you as a result of those experiences.

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The peace and energy that surrounds you is our gift to you. There are many ways we can show our love to those who come to us. We ask nothing more than the opportunity to help you along. We do not sit here in judgement. We sit here watching you so we can help you up when you fall. You are the children born of ourselves. We do not criticize our own bred off spring. We are one with you. There is no separation but only a division existing for the purposes of learning. When you learn, we grow. It is a difficult concept to understand, but you will learn. We have but one mind, one soul. You are like a finger is to a body. You have your own individual properties and yet you are a part of one. When you hurt, we suffer, but it is an accepted agreement that you will suffer so we can all grow. Everything you learn goes to the greater consciousness so when you develop all mankind develops and when mankind develops, the greater consciousness of which we are all a part, evolves.

The concept is not unlike the start of Earthly life starting as a single cell life form. That single cell has gradually taken on various life forms as it has evolved. So it is in the Universe. The original consciousness started as a far more simple form than it is now. As it developed, it took on many forms. Some became the spirit of plant life; some became spirit forms in the sphere and have just evolved into greater beings as the evolvement progresses. Every time a species evolves, everything in a higher form evolves also so there will always be lower life forms pushing up higher life forms.

You as a spiritual being that can take on human form will one day evolve into something higher and you won’t come back to Earth. The spirit of plant forms is a general life force that can mutate into different forms as required. It is a simple energy force rather like your stem cells and may be used to create many different forms. Once energy has reached the evolvement of spirit capable of human form, it cannot go back to the simple form of plant or animal, it can only evolve upwards to more complex beings. Animals are also at a higher level and cannot devolve. A human energy may have originally been water, then plant, then animal, and then human but you can’t go back to any of these. It is not like you were once a dog and now you are human but the energy that formed the dog would have been dispersed and the more complex energy could have come into a human form.

The energy that makes your body is not who you are. Your personality and intelligence is separate from your physical make up. What we have been discussing is the energy forming physical beings. The intelligence and personality enters these physical bodies. The concept is still the same for the spiritual, personality and intelligence which we shall for the want of a better word call the soul. There is the spirit, the intelligence and the personality which we are calling soul as a collective description.

The spirit is not the personality. The spirit is part of the greater consciousness and is joined to all other spirits. The personality is always yours. The intelligence varies according to the experience you need to have. We only send you back the level that is best for what you want to experience. Intelligence is a programmable trait like the shape and form of your human body. When you shed your human body, you can tap into the greater consciousness for your intelligence needs. Your ability to draw on intelligence depends upon evolvement of your soul. If you are a young soul, your composition only has a capacity to store and absorb so much information. As you evolve, you become more powerful and are able to hold and store great knowledge and wisdom.

As we work in concepts rather than the human way of memory and brain working capacity, the more highly evolved you become, the greater your understanding of concepts becomes and so is your over all ability to see the larger picture. A lesser evolved soul will see what is happening to a small group but the higher evolved will see the effect on the whole Universe and the Universe is not just Earth and the spirit realm. We have other realms that have never been thought of by humans. We don’t consider your other planets to be other realms. They are part of your realm. Our other realms are not like parallel universes but are completely different spheres totally unlike the Earth.


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